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Safety and Maintenance

Careful storage and routine maintenance maximises the lifespan for your vape devices and equipment.


Battery mod (built-in battery):

  • Occasionally clean the battery body with a chemical free cloth.
  • Ensure power and adjustment buttons are free from dirt.
  • Never immerse batteries in water.
  • Never carry loose batteries with exposed contacts in your pocket/ handbag.
  • Ensure the coil contact is clean and dry and there is no ingress of materials that could cause the unit to have an electrical short.
  • Contacts can be kept clean with an eraser rubber. Contact threads can be kept clean with an unused, dry toothbrush kept for this purpose.
  • Keep the charging port clean to ensure good connection when charging.
  • Ensure the battery is turned off when not in use (usually by clicking the power button 5 times).
  • When not in use, store in a cool dry environment.

Rechargeable Cell batteries:

  • Do not carry loose batteries in your pocket/ handbag.
  • Do not use if the wrapping has been torn or the battery has been damaged from impact.
  • When not in use, store carefully and away from metal objects that could contact the positive and negative terminals together and cause an electrical short.
  • In devices that use multiple batteries, ensure the batteries are of the same type, manufacture and capacity. Never mix IMR batteries with ICR batteries and ensure they are charged simultaniously.
  • Never immerse battery cells in water.
  • Store in a cool dry environment.

Lithium batteries do not suffer from the charging “memory” effect like Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries, and do not need to be completely charged or discharge to maintain full energy storage capability.


USB chargers:

  • Only use the charger supplied with the battery to charge.
  • Never leave batteries on charge unattended.
  • Ensure the connector on the charger is clean and free of any moisture before connecting to the battery. Keep the charger contacts clean.
  • For batteries that are charged via the atomizer connector, ensure the charging rate is no greater than the capacity of the battery, (e.g. do not charge a 150mAh battery on a charger with an output of 420mAh).
  • Ensure micro USB charging cables are not damaged.

Rechargeable Cell battery chargers

  • Ensure the charger rating is suitable for the batteries being charged, ensure the contacts on the charger and batteries are dry and clean.
  • Bear in mind that on chargers with multiple charging rates that high charging rates can shorten the life of the battery.
  • Never leave batteries on charge unattended.

Vape Coils

Priming a new vape coil

  1. When fitting a new vape coil it is important you ensure it is fully primed with e-liquid before use to prevent a dry burn. This can be achieved by filling the tank with your vape liquid, attaching the coil to the tank base unit and assembling the tank and leaving to one side for 5 to 10 minutes to allow time for the coil to soak up e-liquid.
  2. Or, drip a little e-liquid onto the wicking material of a fresh vape coil so you can avoid waiting for it to prime.
  3. Alternatively you can inhale a couple of times through the mouthpiece without pressing the power button on your device, this will help to draw e-liquid to the coil. If the tank has airflow control it should be closed during this priming operation.

Vape Coil Care

  • Coils are generally maintenance free but you should check all the seals are in place and undamaged. Coil life depends on usage, 1 to 2 weeks for heavy to medium use and up to a month with light use.
  • We don’t recommend washing vape coils. Separate coils should be kept for specific flavours types (e.g. menthol, fruits and tobacco).



  • Tanks can be washed between flavour changes, use warm water to rinse thoroughly before leaving to dry naturally.
  • Take great care to ensure the seals are in place and are undamaged or lost from the washing procedure.
  • Contact threads can be kept clean with an unused, dry toothbrush kept for this purpose.

Leaking and flooding

There are a number of causes behind leaking or flooding:

  • Check the tank for cracks or any damage and replace as necessary.
  • Missing seals on the tank or the coil.
  • Drawing too hard on the inhale can cause more e-liquid to be drawn through the atomizer head than it can heat and vapourise quickly enough.
  • After filling a tank, wipe any excess e-liquid from the atomizer before refitting the base to the tank
  • Extreme heat can cause the remaining air in the tank to expand forcing the e-liquid out of the tank.

Vape liquids

  • Store e-liquids out of harm’s way and keep them in childproof containers.
  • If stored correctly in a cool dark position, the shelf life of vape liquid is good for 2 years from the manufacture date, beyond this there may be degradation in flavour quality.
  • E-liquid can oxidise in air and the e-liquid can darken in colour, this has no detriment to the flavour or quality, but where possible store e-liquids with as little air remaining in the bottle as possible and fit the childproof cap firmly.


  • Wear gloves and rinse any spillages on the skin with clean water.
  • Ensure your work area is clean and tidy and you have the necessary measuring equipment to ensure accurate mixing. Keep the area free from children and pets while mixing and work in a quiet environment so you are not disturbed or distracted.
  • Ensure your mixing equipment is stored safely away after mixing.
  • For further questions call our Customer Service Team on 01254 269382 who can guide you to the answers you require.

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